Genee World

Genee World

Genee World Ltd are a British based manufacturer of educational software and hardware solutions. Founded in 2005, Genee understand the needs of teachers and the challenges of providing exciting, informative lessons within the modern classroom.

Genee are exceptionally proud of their ability to provide a cradle to grave service, and work tirelessly to ensure their service offering is continually improving. From the shipping of their hardware, bespoke warehousing, next day delivery, sales support, installation, and their five year warranty policy, they oversee every detail of the sales and service process. When you purchase from Genee, you become much more than just a customer.

Genee believe in education and are always striving for ways to improve the ways in which the children of the future can be educated through the power of collaborative technology. That’s why they are releasing their brand new Key Stage concept which will cover all aspects of education and training for all ages from Nursery to Corporate level. The Key Stage concept has a vast array of products, both hardware and software, appropriate for each individual stage.

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