The Learning Foundation

Learning Foundation

The Learning Foundation is a consultancy with a social purpose. Our experience, expertise and our mission to enhance learning through 1:1 technology for every child makes us a partner of first choice for schools engaging with technology in learning.

We are a registered charity which in the last 15 years has partnered with over a 1000 schools to support them on their journey to successfully providing 1:1 technology for every pupil (where every child has access to the same or similar device for use at school and at home).

As an independent organisation, with a deep understanding of the education system we can provide objective, individualised expertise that delivers successful, low stress, implementation.

We inspire learning through working with schools and parents to provide 1:1 access for every pupil, no matter what their financial circumstances may be. In 15 years we have worked with tens of thousands of parents and hundreds of thousands of children.