Naace - The Education Technology Association

Naace is THE Education Technology Association.  We are a community of educators, technologists and policy makers who share a vision for the role of technology in advancing education. 
Membership is open to teachers, school leaders, advisors and consultants working within and across all phases of education in the UK and internationally.  

As a professional association, Naace represents the voice of the education technology community in the schools’ sector at a national and international level, as well as supporting members across the sector through conferences, courses and the dissemination of resources, research and reflection.  

Naace as a community develops resources that support schools - the Self-review Framework and ICT Mark are significant tools that all schools should be aware of.  Most recently Mark and Naace have been working with the DfE to produce pre-procurement tools which can help schools maximise the return on their investment in education technology.

Naace is about helping today’s teachers teach for tomorrow, sharing successful approaches to learning with technology and getting the most from your investment in education technology.

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