RM Flex

Based on the average salary scale banding for a network manager, plus senior and junior technicians then the fully loaded costs of supporting your IT (including NI, pension contributions, training, cover & support contracts) comes to nearly £140,000.

Compare this with the same school managed jointly by RM and the school, with someone to do the face to face tasks including deskside user assistance and advice and guidance, supporting teachers to best use IT to improve outcomes.

RM carrying out all the remaining tasks that can be done remotely. In addition you’ll also get regular and proactive network and ITIL governance of ICT processes.

With this structure you can significantly reduce your costs. You are spending only £40,000 on salaries, and the services provided by RM can be provided from as little as £39,500 depending on your unique requirements and technologies, making the total cost of this service structure a mere £79,500. 

Could you use that £60,000 saving to secure more teaching resource instead?

Find out more at http://www.rm.com/itjustworks